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McCallum Bagpipes long Practice Chanter PC5
R.G Hardie Standrad Blackwood Practice Chanter

Buying your first Practice Chanter

When choosing to learn the bagpipes, your first step is to buy a practice chanter. Thereafter you can book in for bagpipe lessons and your bagpipe tutor will guide you in the direction of further learning aids, including bagpipe tutor books.

When choosing the practice chanter that is best for you, there are a few things to consider. 

Chanter Length

Firstly, consider the length of practice chanter that you would like. There are three different sizes of practice chanter

  • Junior Practice Chanter 
  • Standard Size Practice Chanter 
  • Long Practice Chanter

The Junior size practice chanter is perfect for beginners with smaller hands, who have not yet reached the required hand size to play a standard size practice chanter. (Usually suits ages around Primary 4 or 5 as guide). The Standard Size Practice Chanter is smaller than the full size pipe chanter and the finger holes on the standard chanter are closer together, however it is a favoured choice among many serious competitors. The long size practice chanter replicates that of the full size bagpipe chanter, however is potentially not best suited to beginners as the finger span may be too large. 

Plastic or Wooden ?

You can then choose between plastic practice chanter or African Blackwood. Most popular for beginners would prove to be a plastic practice chanter, however the majority of pipers will purchase an African Blackwood practice chanter later in their piping career. 

You can browse our range and buy a practice chanters through the below links. 

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