Happy New Year and Thank You :)

Happy New Year and Thank You 🙂

All that The Pipe Band Store would like to wish our customers, friends and family a massive Happy New Year. 

The Pipe Band Store was formed in 2020, a year which was a very difficult year for everyone Worldwide. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us in our start up during these difficult times. Our Product and Bagpipe Suppliers have been there, not only to supply, but have been happy to lend advice when it has been much needed. 

Our logo, graphics and printing have been awesome and often completed at short notice for us. 

And of course, our customers, many of whom have returned on several occasions to make further purchases. Without you, there would be no business. 

We would like to wish everyone good health and a prosperous 2021, when we hope to continue expanding and increase our product range greatly. 


Thanks Again 


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