The David Naill Long Deluxe Practice chanter, is perfect for older children (usually from aged 10 and above as a guide) and adults.
The finger holes on the long size practice chanter are spread wider apart and replicate the sizing of the full size pipe chanter. The Long practice chanter is a favoured choice, along with the standard size for many experienced pipers. The David Niall Deluxe Long Practice Chanter has a polypenco upper half the chanter is made from African Blackwood, it comes complete with a Nickel ferrule and an imitation ivory sole.
This chanter is highly durable and is an easily maintained practice chanter, perfect for beginners with fully grown hands and highly experienced players.
The chanter comes complete with a water trap.
Your chanter, will arrive ready to play with a practice chanter reed.
**There is a 2 week production time for this product**
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