The Pipe Band Store

A little About Us

The Pipe Band Store offers altogether the best tried and tested Highland Bagpipe and Pipe Band Drumming products on the market as well as Highlandwear. Based in Central Scotland, we can ship pipe band products to all over the world. The bagpiping and drumming products we sell have been played at the highest level. Many have been present in prize winning performances at The World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow Green. 

Our Aim

We aim to provide pipers and drummers with everything that they will need to make their performance on the grass, both accomplished and enjoyable.

Additionally we also provide, a range of Highland Wear products and accessories to ensure that your band not only sounds good, but looks equally as impressive. 

Proudly we offer our Pipe Band discount, to bands ordering regularly or requiring a larger number of items and would love to hear from you if you have any questions.

We are also happy to provide advice about products and set ups to our clients and we can be contacted through the below link. 

We are also happy to answer any more question you have about us, through our contact form.


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