McCallum Bagpipes (AB/FN Model)
The AB/FN model of McCallum Highland Bagpipe is made from African Blackwood and are perfect for all level of bagpiper from beginner through to highly experienced competitor. The FN range offers full engraved alloy on all decorative parts of the bagpipe.
Your bagpipe comes with:
  • Engraved alloy projecting mounts
  • Engraved alloy ferrules and slides
  • Engraved alloy ring caps
  • Engraved  full alloy mouthpiece.
Whats included
Your bagpipe will come complete with a
  • plastic pipe chanter
  • synthetic drone reeds
  • synthetic zipper bag
  • bag cover
  • silk drone chords.
McCallum Bagpipe (AB/FN Model) are made to order therefore there is slight wait time for your product to be delivered.
**Delivery can take anything from 6 – 8 weeks**
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